Pushing the Envelope: New Creative Garden Décor for Spring-Summer 2013

September 12, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Our on-trend owl statuaries are ready for outdoor fun!
We’ve heard it said that browsing the New Creative product catalog is like going to Disneyworld. With its bright, bold colors and fun fantasy characters, it allows people to enjoy a world of imagination where dreams can come true. For 2013, we have continued to “push the envelope” in the world of New Creative product, by introducing collections of dramatic garden décor items that are more unique and more colorful and make more of an emotional connection with people.

Bold Designs

New Creative has become very focused on color, as we concept products that will stand out and make a statement in a garden or other outdoor setting. We’ve found that these brighter, bolder colors are becoming much more popular. It seems like each year, the amount of natural-finished pieces gets smaller and smaller as we make room for the newer, brighter pieces that provide a uniquely-styled look.

Our Folksy Friends collection (including the cat shown above) is perhaps our most colorful new group. Created by artist Lori Seibert, their vibrant patterns are an interpretation of Oaxacan Mexican folk art. Their strong color and fun animal shapes make them perfect for standing out in the garden. The Pleasant Pals animal statuaries found in the Spring Wishes group also represent both cuteness and color. The ribbons around their neck provide a bright splash of color, balanced by the muted natural stone finish if their bodies. The Origami collection (shown at right) is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper folding craft. Using strong and simple solid colors, these animal figures look like they really were created from folded paper, giving them a clean and fresh look. For those who prefer a more classic style, the Garden Ladies display a more weathered texture and a bird motif that are draped in beautiful spring hues.

Fun Characters

In additional to the amusing animals mentioned above, our New Creative product line as recognizes the recently powerful trend of fantasy world characters. The most common in the latest catalog, based on their popularity, are fairies and gnomes.

Fairies are one recent trend that’s enjoyed by both young and old alike. Along with the natural fairies mentioned above, you won’t want to miss our Swaying Fairies hanging décor. Each delicately-colored pixie sits pensively on a leaf, suspended by ropes from a tree branch or any other high location. Based on the success of our Daydreamer sleeping animals, these detailed and mystical friends add fun and fantasy. For a more rustic look, the tall fairy statues in our Elements of Nature group, with their neutral faces and natural tones, will bring a serene harmony and eloquent calm to garden décor.

Another major new addition to our recent catalog is several new mini garden sets. Offering a variety of designs of tiny furniture in both metal and polystone, each mini garden provides a way for you to create your own fantasy garden where characters like fairies and gnomes and come to visit. Using these pieces, anyone can use their own creativity to assemble a miniature garden hideaway, along with their own choice of location and natural accents.

When it comes to fantasy garden characters, gnomes are still overwhelmingly popular, and our latest catalog has plenty to choose from, so make sure to save time for these fun little fellows!

We invite you set your imagination free and see all the bright and fun garden décor items that our latest New Creative catalog has to offer. Shop the entire catalog today at www.MyEvergreen.com