Natural Strengths: Evergreen Garden Spring-Summer 2013

September 07, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

In life as well as in business, it’s very important to recognize what you’re good at and pursue that. When we find what’s working with a particular product line, we continue to develop those things which we consider to be our natural strengths.

Our Evergreen Garden product line continues on into the 2013 buying season with its strong, category-driven selection (compared to the more collection-oriented New Creative line). Long-time Evergreen followers will see mostly familiar piece types, but we’re sure that you will be excited by some of the new patterns and design approaches that we have to offer within these familiar categories.

In addition to being core parts of our business, our newest garden décor selections for 2013 are also strong in the way that they combine and complement natural garden features. Instead of intruding or imposing on nature, our garden décor seeks to blend harmoniously in both look and purpose.

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Glass Bird Baths

The glass bird bath continues to perform at the number one spot among all the items in our garden catalog. Their perfect union of beauty and function is simply unparalled. To add freshness to our selection for the coming year, we’ve introduced several new designs, most of which are more subtle in their look. Instead of specific subjects (such as birds, flowers) our newest glass birdbaths feature artistic abstracts or other pattern-oriented designs for a wider appeal.

Many include shaped edges for a more organic or fluid-looking statement that will blend with natural garden elements. You’ll find some with added shine and sparkle in the finish for extra pizzaz. For a more classic look, we’ve expanded our selection of Tiffany-inspired “stained glass” bird baths. We’ve also applied the same design ideas to our selection of smaller, stake-mounted glass bird baths and feeders.

To better showcase our glass bird baths, we’ve introduced colored metal stands in green, red, and teal. Their simple design and striking painted finishes will make the perfect coordinating companion to our glass birdbaths.

Garden Stakes

Garden stakes also continue to be strong sellers. We like to think of garden stakes as jewelry for your garden, and our latest catalog offers various shapes and sizes for all tastes. One of the most popular new designs is our assortment of 12 insect plant picks, featuring butterflies, bees, and ladybugs with mosaic glass wings in bold colors. Like our newest bird baths, they offer plenty of shine and sparkle as they catch and reflect the sun’s light.

You’ll also find more “active” garden stakes that provide additional value with movement or glow-in-the-dark features. For example, our Kinetic stakes that move with the power of wind or gravity can easily stand alone as a focus object, since their motion provides powerful visual interest. Our glow-in-the-dark glass globe stakes combine the strengths of metal and colored glass with the added value of light-up effects. Likewise, we’ve added kinetic motion and subtle colors to some of our metal windchimes to create a more unique and enjoyable garden accent.

Natural Solutions

When we talk about natural strengths, it’s important to recognize the practical aspect of so many of Evergreen’s garden décor products. They don’t just look good; they also do good to gardens and their many inhabitants. The birdbaths mentioned above have a function that’s favored by our feathered friends. Likewise our various styles of bird feeders continue to perform well in the garden and on the sales floor. Our glass circle feeders have become a proven hit. Our Natural Solutions group also includes safe, pleasant, and attractive ways to deal with annoying insect pests such as wasps and flies without any messy, smelly, ugly, or dangerous consequences.

There’s so much more to be seen in our latest Evergreen Garden catalog for Spring-Summer 2013. If you’re a retailer, we invite you to log in to our Online Resource Center at and browse the entire catalog today.