Renew Richmond: A Community Garden Project to Beautify Our City

November 07, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Several weeks ago, one of our employees learned of a local effort promoted by SustainRVA to clean up and beautify our city of Richmond, VA. Called “Renew Richmond,” this grassroots movement aims to encourage all local residents to join with others in self-directed teams to plan their own efforts towards this common goal of cleaning up trash, creating art, and planting green things. Our visionary, well-informed employee pitched the idea to our company leadership, who heartily agreed to support the initiative.

Last week, volunteers from our company gathered here at the Evergreen campus along with some of their families to work on two planned projects.

The first was to assemble two raised planting beds and then plant some leafy vegetables. Company employees will rotate on a watering schedule. The long term goal of this project is to build a larger garden in the Spring season that could then supply a local charitable organization through a small food donation. In the mean time, the produce from our smaller starter garden is ours to enjoy!

The second project was to prepare and paint wooden warehouse pallets to be used as planters on the side of a building. One of the concepts that SustainRVA encourages is taking something normally considered ugly or disposable and turning it into something that promotes life and beauty. Our volunteer group freshened up the pallets with bright-colored paint, and they now await an upcoming date when the pallets will be mounted and filled.

One of Evergreen’s company missions is to “enhance life by providing exceptional garden decor products known for their quality, beauty and functionality,” and our company owners have deep respect the natural environments in which our products can be enjoyed. We also feel a sense of duty to give back to the city that we call home. So look for more similar projects to come, and meanwhile we hope that all our readers will do the same.

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