Spring Style Report: Evergreen Flag

June 14, 2013 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Introducing a new series of Style Reports, starting with the line that got us started 20 years ago: Evergreen Flags! Like top fashion designers, our product development team's designers and artists study the hottest upcoming home and garden trends and work to build them into our Evergreen Flag products to create collections that customers will go crazy for!

Trend-wise Flag Designs

The first major trend-wise approach in our flag catalog is in the colors! Bright and light, black and white are the current buzz words. Many of our new flags feature bold pops of colors mixed with black and white geometrical patterns, like polka dots. They create a ‘color punch’ you’ll soon see from apparel to furniture design this season. Our large selection of new suede flags designed by exclusive artist Thomas Ard (AKA "Tom Tom") uses the trend to create unique art pieces for the home and garden.

Another major rising home decor trend is the use of burlap in decorating. (Have you seen how many burlap items there are on Etsy these days?) Along with a new approach towards natural materials, we're introducing burlap into many of our newest flags. An applique border with a printed design on a burlap center section, it's a look that's both practical and popular!

Trendsetting Products

Flag Signables
Gift-givers are now looking for gifts that are one-of-a-kind and can be personalized. Our new FlagSignables™ let you create a unique personalized keepsake that that will bring lasting memories for years to come. The pacakge includes a writeable garden flag and a pen, and there are designs for many special occasions, like birthday, wedding, baby, and holiday.

Solar Windsocks
Night-time gardens are becoming more and more popular as the comfort of home becomes the new vacation get-away. Our colorful solar windsocks are the latest in the EverOptics family and are perfect for a night-time garden. They look great 24 hours a day as they store up energy from the sun in the daytime, then light up the night sky after sunset.

Wind-activated spinners give pop of color that people want in their gardens along with the gentle rhythm of the spinner whirling in the wind as they harness the power of nature. With plenty of fun and colorful designs to choose from, many have additional features are now available, including LED, solar, and metal designs that will brighten gardens throughout the day and night.

Make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming style reports which will highlight future trends that will become the new season’s must-have products!

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