Looking Back While Looking Ahead

June 10, 2013 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

An early flag retailer
showcasing one of our first
monogram flag designs in their store.
Now well into our 20th year as a company, we've been able to reflect further on just how far we've come since 1993, when now-president Ting Xu, after looking for a way to keep her retired parents busy, traveled to China to produce her first batch of flags. She returned to sell them at booths at the Virginia State Fair and in mall kiosks, where customers loved her product because it was high-quality, but priced very competitively.

And that's still a huge part of our success in business: providing an attractive product at an attractive price. Our commitment to enhancing people’s lives with exceptional merchandise known for quality, beauty, and functionality is stronger now than ever. Since those first 4 flag designs, our core wholesale business has expanded through the organic launch of 4 new brands (including Cypress Home and EverGreetings), 5 strategic acquisitions (including Cape Craftsmen, New Creative, and Team Sports America), and the development of an in-house sales force that reaches over 15,000 retail customers across North America with over 20,000 different products.

One of our company priorities this year is focusing on sustainability. We've already demonstrated our ability to weather trying economic times in a positive way over the last several years. Looking ahead to the future, we are dedicated to developing original products and organizational practices that will help ensure our presence in the market for years to come.

We could not talk about our past sustainability and long-term growth without highlighting another primary reason for our longevity: our customers! The loyalty and support that we recieve year after year from customers keeps us grounded and motivated to persistently push forward.

As we continue to grow through innovating new products, launching new brands, and making strategic acquisitions, we are humbled by what we've been able to accomplish since our founding in a suburban garage. We look forward to the next 20 years of serving you, our customer.

Frank & Ting
Evergreen Enterprises CEO and President

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