Blossoms & Buds: The Evergreen Family's Newest Addition

December 30, 2013 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

from Ting Xu, President

Dear Evergreen Family,

While spending time looking back over this last year, I am always looking to what the future holds for the company I started 20 years ago.

Our employees and the contributions they make are one of the most vital parts of our business. Many of our staff have been with us for years, and as I've watched the Evergreen Enterprises family of employees grow both personally and professionally, it's become clear to me that our future is as bright as ever.

The Evergreen Baby Boom of 2006
In 2006, seven new children were born to various employees in our home office over the course of just a few month's time. While wondering if there was something in the water, I began to see how these "Evergreen babies" (shown above) brought a new perspective to both life and business. In a way, Evergreen is like those children—no longer an infant, but growing up fast, while looking ahead with expectation to a life filled with new adventures and successes—and challenges.

Each new brand that we bring to market is also something like bringing a new child into the world. We start with a vision, then prepare the best we can, while adjusting to bumps and changes along the way. And even after a new catalog is "born," there is still work to be done to support and refine the brand towards maturity.

Blossoms & Buds, the new Evergreen baby brand, represents a powerful and promising combination, building on past strengths while innovating in new areas. We've taken some of the most successful and relevant categories in home decor and gift and given them a unified and unique new look that's just right for this market. We hope that adding plush and apparel further positions Blossoms & Buds to be the boutique resource for our retailers' 2014 needs.

Please welcome with me the newest member of Evergreen's ever-growing family of brands! As always, I thank you for your support.


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