Evergreen at 20: Working As a Family Toward the Future

December 10, 2013 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

As our 20th year as a company draws to a close, we look toward what the future holds for Evergreen. One of the many things we've learned over two decades is that our future is largely dependent on what we make of it—and how well we prepare for it.

We believe that our catalogs are both a backward-looking reflection of our company's past experience and history and a forward-looking window to future successes and opportunities. We hope that in the pages of products, you can see our firm commitment to future growth in 3 major ways:
  • First, we have renewed our efforts to innovate this year by looking at ways we can bring meaningful product solutions to market as well as chart new paths to brand new ideas that have never been seen before.

  • Second, we continue to look ahead to coming trends in both product categories and visual themes to make sure our offerings are relevant to the ever-changing cultural landscape. 

  • Third, as we approach the holidays, we have expanded our view of gifting to include occasions throughout the entire year, providing more ways our retailers can grow their sales into the future.

None of these endeavors would be possible without our growing family of dedicated employees. In fact, we would not be where we are today were it not for the hundreds of loyal and talented people who have each contributed to our success over the years. Our current family includes over 400 employees throughout the United States and Canada. As always, we also thank our valued retailers for their continued support as we work to support their businesses in the years to come.

One important goal for us this year has been the growth of company spirit. We are proud to say that our employees have truly demonstrated that they are caring and devoted to both the company and each other. Evergreen is a place where innovation and inspiration are encouraged. The efforts of our employees have enabled us to not just survive, but to thrive, and we remain ready for the challenges of the next 20 years and beyond!

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Frank & Ting

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