Bringing Flags to Life: Introducing Bloom Pockets Plantable Flags

October 06, 2014 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Decorative flags are the cornerstore of our business, and the reason we got started over 20 years ago. Over the years, we’ve seen the popularity of outdoor house flags and garden flags grow, and have worked to keep our designs fresh and our approaches on-trend and meaningful for a wide range of tastes. As the industry leader in decorative flags, our job is to continually find ways to evolve flags and offer new opportunities to our retailers and their shoppers

Capturing trends is one our main areas of focus. We’ve seen the rise of vertical planting, small plantings for herbs and garden veggies, and the demand by end consumers to be able to “grow their own.” Many of our retailers offer small planting solutions already, like decorative pots, vertical gardens, terrariums and small plants. 

The next new thing in flags is here, with our new Bloom Pockets plantable garden flags from Evergreen! We incorporated a functional planting element to the garden flag with Bloom Pockets. This unique patent-pending approach combines garden flags with gardening – two things our customers and shoppers love! 

So how do they work? Each Bloom Pocket plantable flag is double-sided, and each side has 2 pockets that are perfect for replanting a 3” plant cell from your local grocery, garden, or hardware store. The pockets themselves are lined to help the plant hold water and keep the exterior of the flag beautiful. Each side has a small bottom opening to allow for excess water drainage – the same concept as any planter! 

While these unique items—like all our flags—look beautiful hanging on their own, Bloom Pockets truly come alive when planted with your favorite herbs or flowers. Simply, plant, hang and watch it grow! First, fill the pockets of the flag with soil, arrange your plants into the pockets, water the flag, and then enjoy! 

Along with Bloom Pockets, we’ve also introduced a sturdy metal deck flag hanger (complete with pineapple-styled finials) that will allow anyone to display their plantable garden flag on a deck railing as another way to enjoy their flags and greet visitors to their home. This deck flag hanger will of course work perfectly with any non-plantable garden flag as well!

For retailers, we also help tell the story with a new, brightly-colored display header, along with new flag packaging with a fun logo and clear illustrations that help communicate to shoppers just how Bloom Pocket plantable flags work. 

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