See What's Growing in Our Garden for Summer 2015

October 16, 2014 Alexandra Gore 0 Comments

Here at Evergreen, we are always striving to build on our strengths, but also to explore new ideas and creations as well. We also look for functional, on-trend pieces that give us an opportunity to not only admire but engage with our outdoor environment. Here you'll read about some of the most exciting new additions to our Evergreen Garden Summer 2015 supplement catalog.

Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Elements is a truly innovative and unique program centered around the popularity of the Do It Yourself trend. This is a theme that continues to grow from the influence of Etsy, Pinterest, and other social media sites. 

With an expansive assortment of unique and eye catching decorative glass orbs, bottles, finials and detailed metal accessories from feeders to kinetics, you can mix and match pieces to make a one of a kind garden stake!

The metal accessories feature bright colors, embossing and debossing details, as well as the ability to spin and rotate on the garden stake. They can be paired with other metal decorative accessories or mixed and matched with glass accessories.

Anyone can build their own one-of-a-kind customized garden stake in 3 easy steps:

1. START by selecting your hardware – both a base and an orb support. 

2. BUILD with your favorite assortment of decorative elements: glass, metal, shaped, spinning, globes, orbs, hearts—whatever you prefer. Then, simply slide onto the garden stake, gently stacking one on top of each other. 

3. FINISH by selecting a complimentary decorative finial and attach. 

Artisan Glass Decor

Just as Evergreen is recognized as a flag company, we’re also known for our beautifully crafted glass outdoor garden decor. This all got started with our glass birdbaths. People have grown to expect a certain level of quality, design, and craftsmanship from us in the glass category.

Our flower-shaped garden stakes are dimensional brightly colored, like their natural counterparts. And these pieces of eye-catching garden art also light up at night using our solar illumination feature.

In our feeder category, we’re introducing the hand blown artisan glass hanging feeders. With swirled patterns that can be appreciated from any angle, these hand crafted feeders are 12" in diameter, 24" tall, with a seed capacity of 3 cups. The luminous quality of these feeders is so appealing, you may forget to fill it with seed for your feathered friends!

As a follow up, we’ve offered an assortment of mosaic designs, which have also seen similar success. The hand painted design wraps fully around both sides of the circle feeder, offering a view of the design from any angle. The hand painted designs are illuminated as light passes through the feeder, creating a beautiful and dramatic effect.

Artful Address

Designed by exclusive artist Lori Siebert, Artful Address is a program of decorative metal customizable address markers. Make a statement while identifying your home. 

Each Artful Address marker holds up to 5 tiles in the metal framed channel. The polystone tiles slide easily into the metal channel and fit securely. If your address has less than 5 numbers, we're offering a couple of decorative filler tiles. 

One of the best features of this address marker is the ability to stake it or hang both vertically and horizontally. The stakes can be attached or removed easily, and the back panel features two sets of key holes for easy mounting on a wall or fence. With a height of 38", the address marker is sized perfectly to stake in a container, by the mailbox, in the flower bed or any other perfect spot to create curb appeal while the 4" tiles are large enough to easily be viewed. If you move, take it with you! 


Extending our commitment to finding functional, creative and decorative gardening solutions, we’re introducing Ollas, an easy to use, all natural plant watering system.

This watering system is based on an ancient Native American technique commonly used in the American southwest region. The unglazed terra cotta vessel is planted directly into the ground or into a container along side of your plants. Remove the glazed finial topper to fill with water. Water then slowly seeps through the unglazed walls of the terra cotta vessel based your plants watering needs. The roots of your plants are drawn to the walls of the vessel as a water source.

This method of watering is all natural, helps to avoid over watering your plant and wash away valuable nutrients in the soil, is a great water conservation tool, and perfect for travelers or busy individuals who may not have the time to water plants regularly.

We’re introducing 4 glazed finial designs, each available in a 6" and 10" size. Each glazed finial is attached to a wooden stick which helps to monitor water levels. On average, Ollas should be refilled every 7-9 days, depending on various factors such as climate, soil type, and plant type. These vessels can be reused season after season, though we do suggest you bring them indoors during the coldest winter months. 

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