Modern Loft: From Rustic to Industrial

July 13, 2016 Alexandra Gore 0 Comments

Over the last several years, a distinct mixture of rustic farmhouse & industrial vibes has been taking the retail and design world by storm.  Older pieces are uniquely repurposed to convey a clean, modern feel, often blending contemporary color palettes with more neutral earth tones. Some of you may know this trend as "Modern Loft".

This new trend has been featured by prominent magazines, designers, and blogs. There are now even popular home improvement shows devoted entirely to this timeless style, like Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper on HGTV. It is somewhere in between industrial and rustic and involves worn-looking items that have been repurposed in attractive ways, with a lot of wood and metal. It even ties in with the DIY/home renovation craze. The way it blends urban with country makes it relevant to almost any home, whether it's downtown or down on the farm.

Because of its wide appeal, this trend is now everywhere in the market. We proudly offer a large selection of pieces that tie perfectly in to this trend.  We have discovered that the style has a broad appeal, seamlessly fitting into rural cottages as well as suburban townhomes and urban lofts.  This look can be applied beautifully to all areas of the home.  Though commonly found indoors (anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom), it can also easily add interest to outdoor spaces like porches or gardens.

We have curated over 150 of our best items from this look into a collection we like to call "Farmhouse Chic". One prominent piece of this trend is distressed wood. By using wooden ladders or crates, like our Distressed Wooden Crate Cart or 3-Tier Wooden Crate and Metal Cart, you can give your home a more rustic, woodsy feeling. Our White & Natural Distressed Wooden Table also embodies this part of the trend beautifully. You can use this table in the kitchen, dining room, or even in the hallway. Mixed media is very common with this trend. Look for distressed wood pieces that feature metal accents as well.

Another way to incorporate this theme into your home is by using vintage and antique inspired decorative pieces and flea market type items. By using a few items like our Metal Pocket Watch Wall Clock and our Smile & Laugh Light Up LED Indoor Canvases, your home will start to have a distinct vintage feel.

Galvanized metal is also a very popular aspect of this trend and can be used outdoors and even indoors as well. Galvanized metal tubs or buckets, like our Set of 3 Oval Cache Pots, make perfect planters for your favorite plants or flowers. Our Watertight Cart is another perfect way to bring the trend into your home. This cart can be used indoors or outdoors, and is great for entertaining as well!

You can even include just a few jewel-tones and brighter color statement pieces if you’re not yet completely comfortable with an all-neutral assortment. Lightly colored glass jars and basic mason jars are another foolproof way to bring “farmhouse chic” right into your very own home. From the kitchen to the backyard, it is easy to incorporate this trend’s irresistible charm almost anywhere.

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