Just Add Color to Your Garden with New Creative

August 31, 2016 Alexandra Gore 3 Comments

Within our New Creative brand, we feature products which celebrate "outdoor spirit, outdoor charm, and outdoor life". We recently released a brand new catalog that features a few new categories, such as Hum Flower Pots, artful kinetic garden stakes, and Just Add Color coloring items, and have expanded already popular ones as well. We’ve highlighted a few products and product categories that we don’t want you to miss!

Hum Pots

We’ve recently put the New Creative spin on planters and containers with our introduction of the cheerfully bright & bold Hum Flowerpot. Created by British couple, Lara and Tim Kelly, when they noticed a lack of fun and fresh planters in the Market place, Hum Flowerpots will add both style and function to your home and garden. Evergreen has partnered with Hum to design a new collection exclusively by Evergreen for North America. Our goal is to create a well-crafted planter that helps you beautify your space.

Made of recyclable Polypropylene, these durable planters are fade resistant, frost resistant, and offer bright and bold designs which won’t chip or peel due to the application of the artwork during the molding process. Each 8.5” container offers a 5 liter capacity and features indentations to drill your own drainage holes, making this the perfect indoor/outdoor pot.

Artful Kinetic

Garden Stakes and Kinetic Garden Stakes have taken lead as the largest overall category in our Evergreen Garden brand. New Creative has used these design themes to create our Artful Kinetic, Design in Motion collection. Unique to Evergreen’s kinetic offering, each Artful Kinetic includes wall mount hardware as well as a H-base stake, allowing the consumer to showcase their Kinetic as movement wall art or as a traditional staked Kinetic. Standing 48” H with a width of 16”, each design features 3 separate layers, with 2 layers featuring bright and bold artwork applied by a sublimation technique, and a 3rd metal mesh layer in a solid accent color. Both the top layer (which features the icon) and the back layer (which features the solid color metal mesh) are stationary, while the middle layer spins in the wind. This combination of layers offers a 3-Dimensional effect. We’re also featuring coordinating designs in both our Hum Flowerpot Program and our Artful Kinetic Program!

Just Add Color

We’ve seen the power of the continually growing trend of DIY and hands on projects. To support this growing interest as well as the love of Adult Coloring, we’ve introduced a collection of Just Add Color themed products in Garden Stones, Plant Picks, and Planters. Our Garden Stones are made of durable polystone and feature designs which are beautiful as is but can also be enhanced with a little coloring using a permanent marker.

Our Just Add Color ceramic planter, nested set of 2, makes a perfect gift! Each planter features a floral planter and pop of color with a glazed inner finish accented in green or pink. Both the ceramic Garden Stakes and the ceramic planters can be colored with our ‘Just Add Color’ markers. Once colored with the markers, allow the color to set for 72 hours and then the product is safe to place outdoors (no baking required). Both the Garden Stakes and Planters feature raised decals which serve as guides to help you color in the lines.

Outdoor Wall Decor 

We’ve expanded our offering of Outdoor Wall Décor with over 20 new designs including our metal seahorse and starfish wall decor pieces. Capturing the popular trend of marquee style lighting and following the coastal trend as well, our fully shaped and dimensional metal seahorse wall décor features 7 LED lights, a waterproof battery box with on/off switch and built in timer, stands nearly 18” tall. Our layered metal Starfish wall décor is nearly 2 feet in size, features over 30 seed lights which outline the starfish shape as well as a waterproof battery box with on/off switch and built in timer.

One of the beautiful statement pieces in our Wall Décor offering is our fully shaped Glass and Metal Flower. This piece features layered metal petals in rich blues and greens as well as a layer of glass petals which are illuminated by powerful LED lights. This statement piece is nearly 20” in size and includes easy mount hardware.

Night Garden

We’ve also expanded our offering of Night Garden products across categories including Lanterns, Wall Décor, Statuary, and Garden Stakes. We’ve introduced 3 watering can shaped 2 sided hand painted glass and metal lanterns. These designs offer a little more whimsy than the 2016 originals but feature the same appealing hand painted technique which is beautifully illuminated by the solar powered LED light.

As interesting statement items in the Solar Lantern Category, we’ve introduced two designs which feature a rotating light function. These lanterns use their solar power to rotate an inner light chamber which casts a moving effect across the ground surface. Our metal leaves adorned design features a clear glass panel while our punched metal design offers a full metal body. These fun pieces are great conversation starters!

We’re always looking for ways to grow our product selection and we are sure that our newest release has something for everyone! To see all of our new products and the entire New Creative collection, please visit us online at myevergreenonline.com



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