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September 16, 2016 Alexandra Gore 0 Comments

Regardless of whether you are in the market for that one of a kind decorative accent piece, a unique boutique garden item or an artisan handmade design, our Cape Craftsmen brand is committed to bringing you the latest trends and most unique designs. We wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of the most popular trends and collections from this season.

Urban Architecture

Urban Architecture captures the immensely popular "Modern Loft" style that is definitely here to stay. Many trace this trend to the HGTV show, "Fixer Upper", where Chip and Joanna Gaines have built an entire design approach around upcycling, recycling, and repurposing. It looks both rustic and modern at the same time, with elements of both farm life and city life. The weathered materials like wood and metal gives this collection a feel of home comfort that anyone and everyone can love.

One major aspect of this trend is galvanized metal and our Large Galvanized Tub on Wheels showcases this trend beautifully. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors. It’s multi-functional and can be used as a planter or even for entertaining. Another galvanized piece is our Oval Metal Wall Clock. This clock will give a cozy, vintage feel to any room in your home.

Our Urban Style Entry Way is crafted out of iron and re purposed wood, which are both very popular within the "modern loft" trend. This piece features four hooks and under seat storage as well. This item would work wonderfully in a mud room or in a front hallway as well.

Artisan Minded

Artisan Minded taps into the trend of decorating with crafts and artwork from all over the globe. From textiles to hand-crafted wood pieces, as well as natural elements like driftwood and glass, this collection offers an exciting international vibe full of unique treasures. These materials and techniques will bring a global feel into any home.

Two of our newest globally-inspired items are our rhino and elephant patchwork statues. These statues are made out of 100% vintage, recycled fabric from India. Each one is full of character! Because they're hand-made with hand-spun fabric, no two are ever alike.

Staying with the elephant trend, we have our brand new Boho Elephant Indoor Canvas and Boho Elephant Pillow. The indoor 30" x 30" canvas features gorgeous metallic gold paint. Our pillow features the same boho print elephant design and has a red and yellow tassel at each corner as well. These 2 pieces can definitely be used as the finishing touches to any living room.

Another item that we’re excited about is our new Glass Planter on Driftwood. Broken glass from various areas is collected and melted down, then is blown by mouth into the shapes needed to fit the driftwood roots and make the beautiful planters. Each piece is unique and sizes may vary.
European Cottage

European Cottage is a softer collection with a classic, neutral look. It's full of graceful forms, hand-carved wood, and light-colored, hand-applied finishes, and carries the appeal of those famous cities in Europe that we all dream about. It's perfect for anyone who loves the shabby chic look, as well as anyone who enjoys a classic style in their home decor.

Our new watercolor canvases work to bring a light, soft feel to this collection and feature some of our favorite places in the world, such as Venice and Paris. These 24"x24" canvases feature beautiful light blues and soft pinks.

Our Flower and Twigs Wall Mirror adds a classic touch with just the right amount of whimsy. This 28" x 18" mirror is encircled by golden iron twigs and beautiful white flowers. It can hang in any room and brings a little bit of those European gardens right into your very own home.

Zen Influences

Zen Influences brings a bit of Eastern look to the Western world, and creates a harmony between the two. A combination of white and gold as well as vibrant accent colors like teal and orange, make this a rich-looking collection. It has clean lines that fit into almost any lifestyle, in any geographical location. It's a versatile look that can fit into traditional, contemporary, or more casual approaches, and it can even work with Zen-like coastal settings.

Our new 30" x 30" Tang Horse indoor wall canvas is actually printed on a gold foil canvas. It's a striking look and it pairs beautifully with our stunning metal hall table. The Zen Influence Gold Hall Table features a beautiful white marble top and a gold geometry base.

The feather detailed pieces found through out the collection, like the Large Glass Feather Table Decor and the Metal Feather Trinket Dish, make perfect accent pieces and add pops of gold. A few more new accent pieces we have are our adorable little No Evil Buddha statues. They come in three different sizes and are indoor and outdoor safe as well.

No matter what your style is, Cape Craftsmen has a piece for everyone! To check out all of our Cape Craftsmen products, please visit us at