Drinkware Pieces You'll Love for Fall-Holiday 2017

February 07, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

With our Refresh line from Cypress Home, we offer attractive, durable and fun drinkware pieces like travel coffee cups, tumblers, and much more. Drinkware items from Cypress Home make fantastic gifts and easy impulse purchases, with several new categories with attractive and fun designs from our Cypress Home Fall-Holiday 2017 Catalog!

Perfect Cup
We introduced the "Perfect Cup" in 2015 and its popularity keeps on growing. The Perfect Cup is a lidded ceramic travel cup great for taking your hot beverages wherever you go. In our latest release, we added lots of new designs, expanding our selection with seasonal themes like Classic Holiday, Winter's Essence and Vintage Christmas. Don’t forget: we have several styles where you can color the cup yourself!

In the Perfect Cup, we also offer a couple of new techniques in a few top designs for Holiday 2017. First, we're giving them a clear Tritan lid. This is the similar to the popular slide-close lid on our glass tumbler. Tritan™ is a trademarked co-polyester material that's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Second, these select Perfect Cups will come with a unique silicone, comfort-grip handle. The new paint we're using on the handle includes a silicone mixture which gives it a soft, almost silky feel.

Cup O’ Java
Our Cup O’ Java is an updated version of our Cup O’ Joe coffee cup. It has all the features of the Cup O’ Joe (including designs with metallic embellishments), holds 18 ounces and is decorated with themes and sayings that are popular with shoppers. Our Shine Bright assortment is a sparkling take on the holiday season with geometric and crystalline icons. In addition to individual and 2-assorted options, we offer assortments of 4 designs. These assortments of 4 are sold in quantities of 2, specifically built with our great two-tiered, 8-pegged mug display in mind. This display is great for a store display, but it's just as fantastic for using in a home. Its powder coasted so it works great as a functional drying rack. The Cup O’ Java merchandises open stock.

Shaped Novelty Cups
Our shaped novelty cups are a brand new category for Holiday 2017, and we are introducing several designs in this piece type. Each one of these is an exclusive Evergreen design that was created in house, so you won’t find these styles anywhere else. Our vintage Santa cup is a cheery old-fashioned Santa Claus with rosy cheeks and a hat that doubles as a handle. Other designs include a Christmas tree, pumpkin and more.

Rice Grain Tea Sets
Our rice grain tea sets include tea cups and saucers with clear holes in the material that look open, but really aren’t. It's a pretty amazing effect when you go to pour a drink into one of these.

The name "rice grain" refers to a technique where the decoration is made by hand-pierced holes that have a shape similar to a that of a rice grain. Then these holes are filled with a translucent glaze before the piece is fired. It is said that this technique came to China from Turkey during the 14th century. It's a very tedious and time-consuming process, and the details are done by a highly skilled artisan, so these are truly handmade pieces.

We offer this technique in sets of cups and saucers, with the technique applied to both the cup and the saucer. In terms of care, we recommend hand-washing.

Cast Iron Teapots
Our cast iron teapots come in 4 different unique silhouettes and range in capacity from 24 ounces up to 30. Cast iron teapots are very durable, they absorb heat evenly and allow the water to heat up steadily over time, infusing the tea flavor into the water effortlessly with the included stainless steel infuser.

These are hand-wash only, and are not intended to go onto a stove. You would boil the water to the temperature you need in a separate container and then pour it into the teapot. You steep the tea in the infuser for as long as you need, depending on taste.

These teapots are enamel coated on the inside, which is the higher end of the two options, so you don't have to worry about chipping the paint or having it rust after you wash the inside.

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