Seasonal Celebrations: Outdoor Accents for the Home

February 09, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises 2 Comments

At Evergreen Enterprises, we've become known over the years for our seasonally-relevant outdoor decor that adds both decorative charm and practical functionality to porches and gardens. Our Evergreen Garden brand usually takes a category-oriented approach of more functional garden products, while our New Creative brand focuses on a more decorative, lifestyle-oriented selection.

In our recent Fall-Holiday 2017 product release, we combined both our outdoor brands into one catalog that's geared towards the growing trend of holiday home decor. We call it "Seasonal Celebrations: Outdoor Accents for the Home." Whether you're a retailer that stocks a wide range of traditional garden items, or none at all, we believe this new catalog will have something relevant for your customers.

Here are 4 key areas that we believe will be a hit.

Outdoor Artificials

Our artificial wreaths are made of a variety of natural-looking materials. Each wreath features a twig base with a lush mixture of faux flowers, greenery and leaves as well as accents such as real pinecones. Our newest looks include leaves and pumpkins for fall, berries and pinecones for Christmas, and white-colored accents for winter. Our favorite new wreath (shown in the photo at the top) is made up of 60 metal jingle bells for a statement that sounds as impressive as it looks! It's accented with glittering holly leaves and a sculpted metal bow. Each of our wreaths is either 24" or 26" in diameter, completely outdoor safe, and comes ready for hanging. (Speaking of hanging, don't forget our metal wreath hangers!)

Any of our artificial wreaths can be coordinated with other outdoor-safe lifestyle decor from our various trend collections for a complete holiday decor statement. For example, select from our metal benches, add a few outdoor pillows, and finish off with one of our fun holiday statuaries made from painted polystone, wood, or metal.

"Night Garden" Lighting Accents

With each new garden catalog we release, we always make sure to include plenty of new lighted items. Why? Because customers can't get enough of them! We call this collection Night Garden, and it represents all kinds of opportunities to light up outdoor spaces at night, which is particularly popular during the fall and winter seasons.

When you think about lighting products for the garden, it's easy to think of lanterns. Inspired by the phenomenal success of our previous solar hand-painted glass-and-metal lanterns, we’re introducing new seasonally themed designs. these new lanterns can also accept our plug-in AC adapters which allows them to stay fully illuminated day or night either in store or in the home. In addition to these top selling styles, our Fall-Holiday 2017 selection features our largest assortment of new designs ever in the lantern category, with a huge variety of shapes, materials, and themes!

A less obvious way to add illumination in outdoor living spaces — but one that's just as popular with our customers — is string lights. In our latest Seasonal Celebrations catalog, we’ve introduced a new assortment of battery-powered string lights with larger, fully dimensional, faceted icons.  Each 10-foot string of lights includes 30 translucent, dimensional icons, and features a waterproof battery box with an on/off switch and built-in timer feature. When activated, they stay on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours to conserve battery.


A recent study showed that approximately 47 million people across the U.S. consider themselves bird enthusiasts, or "birders." They contribute to an industry that generates over $100 billion in the U.S. annually. The colder months of fall, winter, and early spring are an excellent opportunity for backyard bird watching. It's during these times that birds are most in need of additional food and shelter.

Among the variety of birdfeeders we offer, we’re expanding our patented solar birdfeeder into new designs suitable for fall and winter. Exclusive to Evergreen Enterprises, this feeder includes a glass panel with art applied on both sides, and it's illuminated along the bottom by solar-powered LEDs. The open base makes these easy to clean, and easy to keep full for birds to graze.

Our wooden birdhouses are fully functional, with a 1.5" opening and a clean-out door. Our latest holiday assortment of birdhouses includes accents of metal or artificials, a touch of seasonal snow, and options of both hanging and pedestal bases.

Birdbaths can offer fresh, clean water to our feathered friends year round. We recommend placing bird baths in sunny locations to help warm the water in colder temperatures. Our hand-painted glass birdbaths are always popular, and also make beautiful decorative centerpieces in tabletop holiday décor.

Miniature Decor

Decorating for the Holidays is all about the little details! With the growing popularity of building mini gardens over the last few years as a fun, family-oriented hobby, our selection of mini garden statuary and accessories continues to cover a wide range of themes.

For our "Seasonal Celebrations" fall-holiday catalog, we're expanding the function of our mini garden pieces. Their small size and sculpted detail makes them just as great as figurines to help decorate mantles and tables indoors for the holidays. Both retailers and consumers can get creative with ways to use our Miniature Décor, and the possibilities are truly endless! From vintage trucks to polar bear igloos, our latest Fall-Holiday design assortment captures the spirit across the seasons and includes illuminated designs as well as designs with sound features.

To shop our Seasonal Celebrations catalog of outdoor garden accents, retailers can visit us online 24/7 at


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