25 Ways to Use A Tiered Cart

January 30, 2018 Suzanne Karzoun 0 Comments

30 Ways to Use a Tiered Cart

Tiered carts or bar carts are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could have in your home or your store. With their varied uses, they can be used and styled in any room, from the kitchen to a bedroom, or even in a cubicle at work. Being able to wheel the carts to almost any place needed is a convenient feature that is one of the reasons why these carts have risen in popularity over the years.

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1. Kitchen Cart
The most common usage of tiered carts are in the kitchen as an extra tabletop or mini-island preparation area. Most people use it as an extra storage space for mugs, plates, utensils, tea towels, bakeware, pots, pans and so much more.

You can also use it as a coffee or tea bar, turning a corner into a convenient area to store mugs, canisters, and a coffee maker. Style it with one of our trendy Refresh drinkware collections, like those featured in our tea shop article.

2. Entertaining bar cart to hold wine glasses, wine bottles, and coasters
3. Storage for perishables like fruit or potatoes
4. Pantry storage
5. Cleaning supply rack
6. Bedside table or night stand
7. Towel rack
8. Spa-like area to store lotions, nail polish, perfumes, and more
9. Bathroom mini-vanity / cosmetic storage area
10. Bathroom as a toilet paper rack

11. Nursery station to store diapers and wipes
12. Perfect for a craft room to store ribbons, art supplies, paper and so much more
13. Small book shelf for the office
14. Mud room shoe storage
15. Music room storage to store records, CDs and more
16. Teacher school room supplies
17. Outdoor entertaining bar cart
18. Toy storage area
19. Station to organize classwork
20. Laundry cart to hold detergents, fabric softeners, and more
21. Work station or file rack storage that slides under desk
22. If you assemble the basket facing the floor, the top of the cart can be used as laptop rack
23. Use as a decorative table for photo frames, accent pieces, and more.
24. Photo storage rack
25. Outdoor planter rack or garden decor rack

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