Flying High: Evergreen Flag Spring-Summer 2012 catalog overview

June 08, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

Flags have long been a cornerstone product for Evergreen Enterprises, and over the years we have grown to become the industry leader in this fun category. This past May, we released a brand new catalog full of great new selections from our “flag-ship” brand. Read on for some key highlights that you won’t want to miss.

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Light the Way

Perhaps the most exciting new venture in the world of Evergreen flags is our EverOptic™ collection, which encompasses all electrical outdoor lighting product, from fiber optic flags to solar garden stakes. Our new EverOptic™ flags integrate fiber optic strands into the design to deliver delightful points of light. Powered by a hidden AA battery pack, EverOptic™ flags include a built-in timer that turns on the lights for 8 hours at night, then shuts them off for 16 hours during the day.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response we received in last year’s fall-holiday release, we are building on the fiber optic flag category with several new designs from spring and summer, available in regular, garden, and door hanger sizes. Our most popular design so far is “Summertime” (shown above), complete with fun little fireflies.

Feel the Softness

If you haven’t yet experienced Evergreen’s new Suede Reflections flags, you won’t believe your… hands. They're made from poly brushed twill that is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. This material is also a natural light-blocker, so it allows us to put wording on both sides to have it read correctly. It’s also affordable, allowing us to offer Suede Reflections flags at the same price point as our mainstay Silk Reflections flags. We’ve been testing this new fabric for 2 years now, and feel confident it will provide the same excellent durability our customers have grown to expect from Evergreen.

Find your Inspiration

One of our major efforts in flags this year is to bring you many new and updated designs in our Inspirational collection. We think of flags as the greeting card of a home, and every homeowner likes to make a personal statement or expression. We offer several brand new designs with inspirational phrases to help us feel good about celebrating life itself, and our new suede fabric allows them to be read properly on both sides. Don’t miss our newest Pink Ribbon designs, which help support breast cancer research and awareness.

Start the Celebration

You’ll also find fresh new designs to celebrate personal relationships and events, such as graduation, mother’s day (at left), and new babies! Finally, don’t forget to celebrate our country with patriotic flags, bunting, column wraps and more. Inspirational and patriotic designs are consistently some of the strongest performers in Evergreen Flags.

We’re also proud to introduce new ways to celebrate with our latest buntings and banners. With the same durable, colorful fabric and tight stitching found in our appliqué flags, they’re suitable for any outdoor space. Celebration banners are made out of lettered pennants, spelling out appropriate words for the occasion. Some homeowners may choose to combine the banners with a string of lights illuminate the banner at night from behind for a colorful glow. Buntings coordinate perfectly with the banners with a strong splash of color and subtle, themed patterns. You can even create a banner-like effect by hanging multiple buntings together in a row for an impressive impact.

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