How to "Get the Look" with Cape Craftsmen's Newest Home Decor Collections

December 12, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Our Cape Craftsmen line contains a wide variety of design styles to suit a wide range of tastes in interior design. We typically organize our catalog into loose collections of coordinating products, with many versatile items that are suitable to mix and match between various home décor looks. In this article, we’ll talk about some the most popular collections from our newest Cape Craftsmen catalog, along with some quick tips on how to “get the look.”

Bohemian Rhapsody
The word “bohemian” takes its meaning from the French word for gypsy, and is usually used to define something unconventional or artistic. One of the most colorful trends that keeps coming to the forefront in home décor, this look is a combination of old and new. Mixing modern accents with vintage accessories and furniture helps to achieve this eclectic look. It includes out-of-the-ordinary “pops” of color and all sorts of objects that delight the eye and add a sentimental or artistic touch to any area in the home or office.

Our colorful Bohemian Rhapsody collection shows a passion for the handmade look combining pattern mixes with bold pops of color! These items liven up any space and exhibit an exciting array of bright bold colors.

Design Tips:
1. Use pattern-on-pattern mix on accents to help create that one-of-a-kind Bohemian look.
2. Then add a bright pop of color by painting an accent wall or adding a piece of colored furniture.
3. Take accessories that add sentimental value (like plocks or photo frames) and personalize the space

Boho Garden
When you take your lead from nature, it’s hard to go wrong! Our colorful Boho Garden collection takes bold bursts of color from the elements of nature and combines them with a bright and stylish group of metal outdoor furniture and other accents. You can combine this inspiring trendy color statement with the unique imagery of our outdoor canvas and the combination is inspiring in any setting. Whether you’re looking for a serene porch or an entertaining veranda, this look livens up any venue.

Design Tips:
1. Showcase art lower in some settings so it can be viewed easily when sitting down.
2. Match a bright piece of furniture with a piece of art that has the same bold tones to create a nice complement and chic look.
3. Add colorful lanterns or objects to spice up a area and add personality!

Coastal Delights
Colorful tropical accents combine with cozy textures to create a delightful coastal setting. Our Coastal Delights collection has what anyone needs to refresh their coastal space. Bright wall décor combined with large all-white coastal lamps completes the look and adds that special touch of casual elegance.

Design Tips:
1. Create a gallery wall with one of our large wall décor pieces.
2. Find a statement piece like our coastal icons 2-door cabinet to create interest in a hall or entryway. Top it off with coastal-inspired accessories or one of our many coastal-themed mirrors.
3. Add an all-white accessory to an area to refresh it and create a breezy vignette.
4. Mix furniture styles and materials to create that comfortable cottage look.

Wine Cellar
From rustic and weathered to novel and colorful Cape Craftsmen has the unique wine bottle holders you need. In addition we have three new beverage and wine carts that are sure to satisfy your entertaining needs both inside and out! New bold accessories like wine art, wine plocks, and our new wine glass holder that doubles as a floor lamp all combine to complete the statement.

Design Tips:
1. Try a colorful multiple wine bottle holder in any room where you entertain. They add interest to any living space and are great conversation pieces!
2. Most wine holders can double as unique towel holders in any bath or kitchen!

Westward Bound
The Westward Bound collection is made up of elements from the southwest, mountain lodge, and cowboy lifestyles. These distinctive home accents combine color and texture to capture this uniquely American independent spirit!

Our related Equine Style collection, with rustic touches, sophisticated details, and contrasting textures allow the items to mix with Westward Bound or with a more refined setting. An oversized mirror and unique hall table create a point of interest in any room. The burlap and metal wall décor can lend a softer touch to this equine cottage look.

Design Tips:
1. For wall décor, use rustic sepia or black and white photos on canvas or burlap, inside or out, to make a statement.
2. Group accessories together in a setting to create drama and draw the eye to an otherwise lifeless area.
3. Use two large wall frames side by side to create a symmetrical look and personalize a space.

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